From our comprehensive service portfolio, we can create the perfect custom quote for you and your project. We are proud of every single one of our happy clients, which include small and medium-sized companies as well as global corporations.

We follow our clients and their projects around the world. While our full service package includes all aspects of documenting the project, we are happy to tailor our quote to your individual needs and budget. In any case, what you will get is high quality without compromises.

The construction time lapse begins with the camera location. We advise and accompany you from the start of construction to the completion of the project. Our weatherproof professional time-lapse camera system delivers single images with a resolution of up to 51 MP and time-lapse videos in up to 8K. The long-term construction time lapse of our cameras shows the construction process in minutes. You visualize the construction project for PR (public relations), social media, stakeholders, architects, specialist planners, project managers, investors or clients.

Baustellenkamera, Zeitrafferkamera fotografiert eine Baustelle.
Baustellen-Zeitraffer. Ein Bauherr auf der Baustelle verfolgt den Baufortschritt.

Wherever you are: you have an overview of your project. Our high-resolution cameras send images that are data protection compliant and encrypted to our password-protected monitoring tool. You can access from anywhere with your PC, tablet or smartphone. In general, you will receive individual access data from us, you can create additional users with access rights at any time. With our filter function you can search and sort the entire project by date and time. You visualize the construction progress with daily automatic time lapse in full HD. You can download these videos and images for public relations (social media) and project management.


Capturing brilliant imagery:

Creative Time Lapse Film Production:


FILM PRODUCTION (camera team)

Combine your time lapse documentation with real-time film elements. Our camera team will find new exciting perspectives for your construction project. Integrating just a few real-time film elements helps further enhance the impact of the footage and communicate additional statements you wish to make. We cover every step in the production of your film documentation, from the very first concept to the final result.

HYPERLAPSE (motion control time lapse)

Hyperlapse footage (Motion Control timelapse) has an eye-catching effect, with the camera automatically moving for hours, creating spectacular time lapse sequences and adding a new dynamic emphasis to individual elements in the final time lapse documentation. Our moving time-lapse system consists of a tripod, controller, pan / tilt head, focus control and a slider.

Zeitrafferkamera steht Einsatzbereit auf der richtigen Stelle um Bilder aufzunehmen.  aus Fotos erstellen

DRONE RECORDINGS (aerial photo and video)

Complete your film with breathtaking aerial shots. The drone images show the construction project from another, outstanding perspective. This shows the size and location of your construction site. We create professional aerial photographs with the help of remote-controlled high-tech drones. Drone film and image recordings for construction projects / real estate are ideal for optimally staging your project.

Motion control time lapse:

Combining time lapse with physical camera movement elevates the film onto a whole new dynamic level. It’s a great way to accentuate certain elements or events.


Create breathtaking panoramic photos and videos of your construction project or project!

With our high-resolution 8K panTerra 360 ° VR camera system, you receive an all-round view of your project. With our 360 ° site view module you can easily integrate your panorama content into your website.