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Bring your marketing to the next level – with live images by panTerra

Our personalized panTerra SITE VIEW will provide you with the tools to properly present your project for marketing purposes. You can easily incorporate our automatically generated images and videos into your website or your project’s homepage. Additionally, you can choose between a set of different modules and website components that’ll help you present your project adequately. Your SITE VIEW will automatically refresh itself with new images and videos, which saves you valuable time and keeps your website up to date at all times. All your data will be secured with an SSL certificate.

You’ll be able to access all the content created by our webcams from any device in full quality – no matter where, no matter when. Thanks to our gigapixel technology, you can zoom into and navigate within your images without any delays. This allows you to access information that other webcams would miss.

here are some customer examples

Why is it such a good idea to integrate live images into your website?

It is proven that websites become more appealing to potential partners and customers when live images are incorporated. People will spend more time on your website thanks to our services. Additionally, your SEO will be a lot more effective, which will attract even more new customers.

The webcam is one of the most popular pages on this project’s website, as it draws attention and effectively visualizes the project.

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Here's how it works

Baufortschritt mit Site View von Panterra GmbH live verfolgen.

1. You pick out the modules that you think will fit your project.

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2. We generate your personalized code (iFrame) and send it to you.
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3. You can now easily integrate the code into your website - and you're done.
Die SITE VIEW von panTerra ist ein Online Tool und eine auf Sie zugeschnittene Ansicht, mit der Sie Ihr Projekt zu Marketingzwecken attraktiv präsentieren können.

Our high-performance cameras use the newest technology to create images and videos you can use in a variety of ways

The high-definition webcams we use create images in amazing quality. Even at night or during sunset, they can generate stunning and well exposed recordings. As compared to standard webcams, our cameras provide you with a range of options, such as the many different modules that were smartly designed to allow you to properly showcase your project.

You will always have access to the latest recordings made, and you can constantly adapt them to your marketing strategy. This of course isn’t only great for construction projects. Many different kinds of websites can be enhanced by spectacular images of things like skylines, mountains, or other attractions. Live images detailing the location and the current weather could for example help invite lots of new tourists to a certain city or resort. A great example of this is the website of Meag, where one can enjoy the view from their office spaces:

All your data in safe and trustworthy hands

We will make sure that all your recordings and documents are well-protected and stored safely. In order to do to, we abide by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Our iFrame also runs with an SSL certificate, which provides even more data protection.
Icon. DSGVO-konforme Baustellenkamera.

The right modules – tailored to your project

Here’s a demonstration of our different modules. Feel free to try them yourself. If you want, we can also include your company’s logo in the modules you choose.


Current live images with zoom function

Live images of your project that are constantly generated by our high-quality cameras. They update themselves automatically and give insights into the current state of affairs. People can zoom in and out without delays and explore the project on their owns. You can disable the zoom function at any time.


Image comparison between then and now

Your current live images are presented next to images from the past, showing the difference your work is making. Your customers and partners can compare the images using a slider. They have the option to view images from 7 days ago, 30 days ago, 6 months ago, or even from the start of the project.

This visualizes the effectiveness of your work like nothing else.


Current live image with archive function

A live image that can be zoomed in and out of, just like in Module 1. Additionally, one image per day will be archived. The zoom is consistent between images, so your website’s visitors can make very thorough and specific comparisons.


Live image with time lapse

Visitors will see the most recent live image, but they also have the option to press play. If they do, they will see an automatically generated time lapse of the entire project, which will allow them to see the progress you’ve made so far.


AI-generated time lapse of the entire project

We’ve designed and AI specifically for the purpose of analyzing your images, and then combining them into a 30-second video. It will add appealing images every day and sort out those that don’t work as well. The AI has been trained to analyze a set of parameters, in order to determine which images attract customers and which don’t. Your video will always stay 30 seconds long, but you’ll have a new one every day without having to lift a finger.


AI-generated automatic gallery

Our AI browses through the recordings of your project, and organizes them in a gallery designed to appeal to customers. It’ll include images from both the past and present, and all the cameras observing your project will be incorporated into this process. This also works really well as a screen saver or welcome screen.

Will this work on your website? Of course!

Our iFrames are based on technology that’s modern and efficient, but at the same time also very simple. This means that they’ll work on any website, including yours. It’s also one of the easiest ways to make your website a lot more spectacular and clear.

If you want, we can also get in contact with your web design agency and talk through any questions that might arise with them directly. We will help you embed our iFrames into your website, and we’re happy to help you choose your modules. All this is to conserve and value your time.

All our modules also work in full screen, and since the sublime quality or our images is one of our biggest features, this comes in very handy. It’ll help your customers and partners gain a more complete overview.

You want to test some SITE VIEW modules? We’re happy to send you a sample project:

A strong team!

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Icon Time Factory.

As if all of this wasn’t helpful enough, you will also have the option to integrate all your SITE VIEW modules into your TimeFactory. This way, you’ll have all views of your project, past and present, very neatly arranged and accessible at an instant.

We at panTerra are constantly working on new functions and modules. In case you’re in need of a specific module, please don’t hesitate to let us know! We’re in a constant process of designing new, innovative, and personalized modules.

Live-Bilder einer Baustelle. Mithilfe des Tools Site View, kann

Any questions?

If you want, we can even design a project homepage with your logo and the modules of your choice for you.

Just contact us and let us know!