“Site View”: More than just a webcam

With SITE VIEW you get access to the current pictures from your site, at full resolution. While it is similar to a regular webcam function, it is filled with pictures from our high-resolution camera systems. Their high dynamic range ensures brilliant pictures, even in difficult lighting situations. Furthermore, SITE VIEW can easily be implemented into your own website or project site(s), and shared with everybody involved.

“Time Factory”: Be in control

Packed with sophisticated features, TIME FACTORY is the ultimate tool for keeping track of your progress. Having your entire project media (pictures and films) at your disposal, it puts you in the driver’s seat. With intuitive controls you can quickly locate media from a certain timeframe, or analyze and compare specific pictures in-depth, using one of our compare features.

Automated Daily Films

In addition to our creative time lapse films, we can also generate  AUTOMATED DAILY FILMS for your monitoring needs. These can be made on demand or in regular intervals. Unlike our creative films, these are made using all pictures, or a selection according to your preference. They allow you to examine certain processes on your site to make sure everything is running smoothly.

Knowing what’s happening or what has happened on your construction site is important. For this reason we created two online project portals. Just log in from any device, and you have your project right at your fingertips.