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Your project's portal with some unique specials

TIME FACTORY is an interactive tool that’ll greatly improve your project management, your process optimization, and your marketing. It functions as an archive that’ll constantly provide you with all the images our cameras take for you – no matter where you are, and not matter which device you’re on. Additionally, it’ll generate time lapses for you and save them to the cloud, which will be your shared interface with all your partners. Not only images and videos, but all kinds of important documents and media can be stored here. Everything will be stored safely and easily accessible.

It's a media database, it's a project interface, and it's operated easily and intuitively

We’ve called this tool TIME FACTORY, because it has more in store for you than a mere archive and unique functions which you can’t find in any other online portal. This tool is an outgrowth of our team’s creativity. A team that consists of highly qualified IT technicians, as well as seasoned experts from the building industry. We’re all connected by our goal-oriented mindset, we’re professional contractors, and we’re only satisfied with our own work when its quality is extremely high. We’re also extremely proud to be able to present you with our diverse spectrum of services, which are both highly sophisticated and at the same time very easy to use and manage.
TIME FACTORY ist unser interaktives Werkzeug für Projektmanagement, Prozessoptimierung und für Marketing. Handy Ansicht.
Gain 24/7 access to your project
Download images and videos in original quality
With our data protection, we abide by EU-DSGVO guidelines
Simple and easy login
Automated and individual time lapses in full HD, any time
Professional functions to compare images with
Access to each and every image of your project (archive)
Images and videos for marketing and project management

Explore useful functions for your everyday work

Personal customer- or project-branding functions
Simple and professional Login-system (for individual users)
All of your projects accessible in one online-portal
Easy access to all your pictures
Easy access to all your time lapses

A different view - scroll through all of your pictures at once

Zoom function – even small details in high quality (but conforming to ds)
Download images in full quality
Automatic timelapses in full HD, daily
Name your cameras individually

All your data stays in Germany

All your data will be stored according to GDPR guidelines, and will only stay on high-end servers
in Germany

All cameras accessible in one click

With TIME MACHINE, all the images of all your cameras on all your projects will be accessible to you and all of your partners 24/7. Our software makes them responsive to the respective device you view them on – that means that the view will always be adjusted. You can switch between individual projects and cameras at your convenience. In order for you to do so, we will set up your personal page on our online portal, which will be branded with your logo, and which will only be accessible with your personal password
Live Webcam. Baustellenüberwachung. Neubau von innen und außen.
Projektportal, TIME FACTORY stellt Ihnen alle Bilder sofort nach der Aufnahme bereit, inklusive Uhrzeit- und Datumsangabe.

Flip through your images like you'd flip through a picture book

TIME FACTORY will give you immediate access to all your images. Every image will include the time and date taken. Thanks to our superior technology, you can scroll through and download them fast and easy, despite the immense load of data.

Take a closer look

The quality of all your images will be immaculate thanks to our cameras’ 51 megapixel full-format sensors. This means that you’ll be able to zoom very far into your images, and still have a proper view of everything. This way, you can see exactly what’s happening on your construction site.
Baustellenüberwachung mit einer Zeitrafferkamera. Man sieht Baumaschinen und Autos auf einem Bauplatz, wo eine Halle entsteht.
Zeitraffergenerator. Ein Kalender wo man die gewünschten Zeitraume für die Zeitrafferaufnahmen planen kann

TIME FACTORY will be your witness

What happened at your construction site on May 11th? Was the screed applied on time? TIME FACTORY will show you. Simply select the appropriate camera and a day in the calendar. If you wish, you can also narrow down the time period further according to the time. All images of the day or the defined period are displayed immediately. With zoom function and download you get detailed material for clarification.

We generate time lapses for when you're impatient

Builder-owners oftentimes wish to release highlights from their projects far in advance of the actual completion. No problem! Just select the respective time frame in our calendar, and a time lapse will be created for you automatically. Simple as that. This way, you can immediately show off your work on social media, or prepare valuable content for presentations in the realm of project management.
Zeitraffergenerator. Ein Kalender wo man die gewünschten Zeitraume für die Zeitrafferaufnahmen planen kann
Baustellenüberwachung. Unterschiedliche Phasen eines Bauprojektes.

Before and after - the strongest visual contrast

Nothing visualizes the fruits of your labor better than a comparison of pictures from before and after. Simply pick images from the beginning and end of a timeframe and select the comparison view. Even here, you can zoom in and select specific frames, thanks to the high quality of our images

You got questions? We got demos!

We could go on and on about the variety and quality of our services, but who’s got time for that? In case you have any more questions, we’d gladly answer them via e-mail, or over the phone.
If you’re interested, we can even set up a noncommittal and completely free test account for you, with which you can familiarize yourself with our services on your own time

TIME FACTORY as your project's portal

Only by merit of constantly providing you with a chronological archive of high-quality images, TIME FACTORY will already be a great asset to your project. But because we at panTerra are never satisfied with our work, we’ve developed a range of new features that’ll support you in your work. You can use TIME FACTORY as a central interface containing all the documents and content you’ll need access to. You’ll have everything safely stored in one place. Believe us, you and your partners will thank yourselves for the trust you put in TIME FACTORY

LIVE IMAGES + archive of pictures from your construction site

Integration of panTerra SiteView modules

Integration of live streaming Cameras & Videos

Information on current weather and forecasts

TIME FACTORY ist unser interaktives Werkzeug für Projektmanagement, Prozessoptimierung und für Marketing. Laptop Ansicht.
LIVE IMAGES + archive of pictures from your construction site
Integration of panTerra SiteView modules
Integration of live streaming Cameras & Videos
Information on current weather and forecasts
Bauprojekt mit 360 Grad-Kamera dokumentiert.

Have everything on your radar

They view the world as aliens would, and they’re fittingly high-tech: our 360°-cameras. With these cameras, you’ll be able to view seamless, jerk-free 360-degree images of your construction site. These will be integrated into TIME FACTORY as virtual tours. You can also archive the 360°- cameras’ recordings here.
Foto von einer Baustelle. Ansicht von oben.

Your project's multimedia center

TIME FACTORY will even find a safe location for all the pictures and videos that won’t automatically be archived by our cameras. Among those, there could be additional recordings of specific highlights that our traveling recording crews make. You could also archive your own mobile phone images, or other pictures taken of the site, which you can then archive to improve communication with your partners.
Bauplan als Beispiel für die Baustellendokumentation mit einer Zeitraffer Kamera.

We'll make everything run smoothly

Why limit yourself to only archiving images and videos in TIME FACTORY? Save all sorts of
documents with us, and share them with your partners. Documents, such as construction plans. This
way, you’ll have the initial draft and the final plan in one and the same location. Sounds practical,
doesn’t it.

It that all?

Since we never stop improving our services, it’s always a good idea to have a chat with us. Maybe we can find a personalized solution, tailored to your needs.