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Playing with Time...

Our production of time lapse films is a very demanding and creative process. To be able to later on filter out individual events we are continually adapting recording intervals to individual workflow processes. For this sake we have millions of perfectly illuminated high-resolution individual images at our disposal choosing only the very best for your time lapse film, always bearing in mind your desires. We are also always capable of producing creative versions of intermediate films. Our company gives every time lapse film its own individual touch and it will be released only after it is has been thoroughly reviewed.

Camera System

  • professional optics
  • remotely controllable settings
  • high resolution

Our goal is getting top results even under the most difficult situations of light and environment. To this end, we use excellent cameras with brilliant sensors and excellent objectives. Our hardware was made with high-end material from aviation. We have developed a time lapse camera system that offers maximum reliability and stability to our customers, with unique quality. To comply with our high quality demands, we continuously develop and refine our system.

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Data Management

  • efficient
  • secure
  • automated

To creatively handle the enormous amounts of high-resolution images, we had to design our workflow accordingly, and use our own hardware and software solutions. In addition to excellent data security (from camera via redundant backups up to a backup data carrier in a fire-proof safe), all non-creative processes are automated in the background. Thus, our creative team has the freedom to use all artistic energy for your film production.

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Creative Time Lapse Film Production

  • handpicked pictures
  • creative
  • 4K and above

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” To showcase your project in the best way possible we handpick the best and most interesting pictures and sequences. We use the component of time very consciously, and produce breathtaking results with emotional impact. While in video full HD has finally become standard, we could soon be dealing with much higher resolution requirements. With our images we are well equipped for future developments, making the documentation of your project future-proof.

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Every project is unique and needs to be treated this way. And so are our films: Each one is handmade to artfully showcase the specific characteristics of your project.