“Site View”: More than just a webcam

Site View gives you visual access to your construction site, no matter where you are. From any device with internet access you can view the current pictures of all cameras at full resolution. With our gigapixel technology, you can zoom into the pictures with virtually no loading delays. This lets you see details that others can’t.
We offer several options to customize Site View for you, like integrating your company logos. Sharing Site View on your own website or project site(s) is no problem at all. We can provide everything you need to easily implement it. All this makes it a great tool for your marketing and communication needs.

“Time Factory”: Be in control

With our proprietary media database, Time Factory, you are in control of supervising your construction progress. Not only do you have access to the current pictures of all cameras, but to the entire media history of your project. At full resolution.
With a powerful search function you can easily locate media from a specific timeframe. Besides the pictures this also includes automated time lapse films as well as creative versions.
Further, we have included sophisticated compare features to really examine your project in-depth, enabling you to analyze specific angles on your site. This also works when zoomed in. Sometimes it’s the small details that matter. Time Factory is perfect for the technical and project management, and might even help you optimize your processes and logistics.
We can customize this project portal to your preference, and equip it with password protection for secure access control. Of course all media is downloadable right from Time Factory.

Automated Time Lapse Films

Automated Time Lapse Films

Automated time lapse films are a great way to get an overview of what exactly was going on in a specific period of time. They can help solve issues in regards to logistics, and to make sure everything is progressing according to schedule.
We can provide these films on demand or in regular (usually monthly or weekly) intervals. An automated time lapse film includes all pictures of the respective time period. These films are the compressed, “uncut” footage. We do, however, offer a few customizing options to make them fit your needs perfectly. Your company logos can be integrated as well as various date and time stamp options. Furthermore, certain days or times can be automatically filtered to streamline the process.