Film Production

As we are not selling cameras, we are a professional film production company. Our goal is to represent the development of your project in the best possible way, with emotional, detailed and dynamic HDTV time lapse movies your audience will love.

data management.

the raw material from the cameras is automatically transferred in our headquarters via internet, stored in a 60 TB san as well as in a fire safe. we never lose any footage.

manual selection.

all the material gets screened manually. our professional editors only select the most interesting, important and emotional scenes for the the edit. there is no kind of automization. we absolutely avoid any flip-book style.

picture optimization.

our own designed complex software finetunes the raw footage, stabilizes and optimizes it to get smooth results.

professional edit.

in our suites the sequences are edited and set to music. there is no film leaving these rooms until the right mood is created. we want the audience to feel your project.

magical movements.

the high quality of the raw footage allows us to generate pans and tracking shots. at the right places and in the right speed they make your movie to a visual hightlight that will inspire the audience.