Camera System

Our time lapse camera systems are full of technology and specially developed software to provide best functionality and quality, from desert to metropolis.

up to 50 megapixels.

the custom designed software controls our modified full-frame DSLRs with a resolution of up to 50 megapixels. the best quality on the market. of course we only use high class lenses and filters.

always connected.

all our systems have internet connection (lan, fibre, 3g, radio link) and are remote-controlled from our headquarters. they are checked on an hourly basis.

works everywhere.

our cases are air tight, dust, water, heat and cold resistant and can be used anywhere. and we mean anywhere.
(components used in the aviation industry guarantee a constant functioning in every situation.)

optimum results.

every camera setting, like the the picture interval, exposure, etc. can be changed via remote so you will always get an optimum quality.

easy maintenance.

the systems follow the modular design principle, so maintenance is faster and easier than ever.

special applications.

Due to a close collaboration with our partner Leica Geosystems, our systems are also used for land surveying purposes and ensure high precision and reliability. Click here for more information.